Phase 3: Launch and Leverage

Launching Your Trust Center

When you publish your Trust Center, you’re helping customers get the information they need when they need it without unnecessary back-and-forth. You’re also broadcasting a source of truth for your team, so they're always sharing accurate and up to date information at all times.

Once you’ve finalized the content & customizations in your Trust Center, you can publish it to a public URL.

  • Want to preview your public Trust Center? Quickly toggle between a visitor’s view and your admin view with using the Preview button at the top of your Trust Center.
  • Publish your Trust Center by clicking the Manage dropdown and then clicking Customizations to open the Edit Panel, and setting the Visibility to Public.

It is important that at this point you have also trained internal teams on best practices for how and when to share a link to your Trust Center. If you would like to talk more about these best practices, please reach out to your Trust Advisor.

Congrats, you've completed self-guided onboarding!

If you have any questions about your Trust Center, feel free to reach out to our team at