How do I use Requestable Resources?

Requestable Resources enables you to review, approve or deny requests for resources that you don't want publicly accessible but can be shared with select individuals. A great example is a SOC2 report.

Make a Resource Requestable

Resources can be made requestable by Trust Center Adminstrators. To make a resource requestable, log into your Trust Center and go to the Resources tab. 
  1. Next to a resource, click on the ... and then click Edit
  2. Find the Visibility field and select Requestable
  3. Click Save
When visitors to your Trust Center go to your Resources, they will see a "request" button next to each Requestable Resource. To make a request, visitors will need to provide some additional information. This will then create a review where you will be able to share more resources and add external documents like a questionnaires. 

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