Format content using Markdown

Markdown is a great way to add more style and links to your Trust Center!

Trustpage supports John Gruber's original Markdown spec as well as a few extra features.

What formatting changes can you make?

Just about anything! We've listed some of our favorites below. If you want a really in-depth list, we'd recommend you give this website a look.

 Markdown Cheat Sheet

Element Markdown Syntax
Italic and bold
# text - (H1, the largest font) ## text - H2 ### text - H3
![alt text](image.jpg)
Code block
Check/task list
- [x] task 1 - [ ] task 2 - [ ] task 3
Formatted tables
| Syntax | Description | | ----------- | ----------- | | Header | Title | | Paragraph | Text |

How about some examples:

Current Limitations

There is a limitation on <h> tags. We only support <h1>, <h2>, <h3> at this time.

Blockquote and code block markdown syntax do not currently support the use of HTML tags.

If you have feedback on formatting your content, let us know at!