How do I use watermarking in my Trust Center?

Watermarking helps protect your documents by marking downloaded copies of a resource with the name of recipient of that resource. Should a copy make it into the wrong hands, the watermark would indicate where that version of the document came from.

How does watermarking work?

A watermark will be applied to every page of a PDF resource that is downloaded. The watermark will be comprised of the following information and will be applied diagonally across each page in the downloaded PDF:

  • User’s email (if logged-in)
  • User’s name (if logged-in)
  • “Trustpage” for any anonymous user
  • Date and time the file was downloaded

Watermarking is enabled by default for all PDF resources.

We don't currently support watermarking for encrypted documents. 

Watermarking is available for any of our paid plans.

If you want watermarking to be turned off for your trust center, please reach out to us at