How do I use Integrations?

Integrate your Trust Center with your favorite tools to seamlessly collaborate between your customers and internal teams with a streamlined processes.

What do the Integrations do?

Establishing trust is a crucial part of any customer relationship, which is why integrating with your favorite tools helps make trust scalable. With these integrations, you can now create workflows and processes around who is viewing and accessing your Resources and Reviews.

Our CRM and Slack integrations enable you to be notified when a trust center visitor requests access to a Requestable Resource or a Review. This will notify your team - either within Slack or within your CRM - with a link to approve the request in your trust center. You can also be notified when one of your private or requestable Resources has been accessed.

If you'd like visibility on who is accessing your public resources, you can share the resources with that user's email address through resource sharing. Otherwise, views of public resources will not trigger notifications via our integrations.


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