Publish updates to subscribers

Updates allow you to notify subscribers of important changes to your Trust Center.

Examples of updates teams are sharing through their Trust Center:

  • New or in-progress compliance certifications
  • New or in-progress security features
  • Required communication for compliance such as changes to your subprocessor list or privacy policy.

Adding Updates

  1. Go to your Overview
  2. Click on a Topic you would like to update your subscribers about.
  3. In the Updates section of the panel click + Add Update
  4. Add a title. The title will show in the subject line and body of the email sent to subscribers. Example: We are proud to announce SAML SSO support for all teams.
  5. Add a message. The message is shown in the body of the email sent to subscribers.
  6. Either save the update as a draft to be continued at a later time or publish it right away.

Editing and Publishing Updates

  1. Click on the Topic where the update was originally added.
  2. Click the ... icon next to the Update you would like to edit.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Make any necessary changes.
  5. When ready, click Publish.
  6. Upon confirmation, the Update will be emailed to subscribers.

Viewing and Managing Subscribers

  1. Open the User Menu by selecting your profile picture.
  2. Here you can view the list of Subscribers to your Trust Center including name, email, status, and subscription date.
  3. Click the ... icon next to the Subscriber you would like to remove or resend an invite.
🔗 You can also link to your Subscribers page from the Updates panel.

Collaborating on Updates with your team

  1. Create a new Update as described above.
  2. Save the new Update as a draft.
  3. Once your draft is saved, you can leave comments, tag your teammates to get feedback, and review the Update before it is published.

Deleting Updates

  1. Open the Edit Panel for the Topic where the Update was originally added.
  2. Click the ... icon next to the Update you would like to delete.
  3. Click Delete
  4. Confirm deletion
⚠️ Note: Once an Update is published, it cannot be deleted or edited.