How do I manage my team?

Managing your team will allow you to add or remove those within your company who you wish to grant access to manage your Trust Center.

To manage your team, click your account avatar then select Members.


All members invited to the Trust Center will have full Administrator access will allows them to access everything in the trust center.


Note: In the future we will be releasing more permission settings to keep you and your team even more secure.

Invite a member

  1. Click the Invite Member button
  2. Enter the new member's company email address and click Invite.
  3. Your newly added member will then receive an email in their company inbox with a sign up link.


Note: This link is only valid for 30 days.

Remove a member

  1. Select the ... menu next to the members name and select Remove.
  2. You will be prompted to then confirm the removal of that member.

Note: When a member is removed their activity will remain in tact for auditing purposes. If you would like to anonymize the user's PII, contact us.