How do I edit a directory profile?

Trustpage is committed to data integrity and does not intentionally publish incorrect information. All information on an unclaimed directory profile is sourced by our web crawler, and it is our highest priority that this information accurately represents your companies security posture.

To update information on the directory profile of a company you work for:

  • Claim your Trust Center. This is free forever.
  • Locate the incorrect information on your “Overview” tab.
  • Click on the information to open the edit panel.
  • Edit the information to correctly reflect your posture
  • Click “save”.

To publish the changes you've made:

  • Click "Customize"
  • Set the visibility of your Trust Center to "Public"
  • Click "save"

This information is now updated on your Directory profile, as well as in your own Trust Center. Interested in further using your Trust Center to communicate your posture with customers and prospects? Visit our getting started guide.

To update information you know to be incorrect on the Directory profile of a company you do not work for:

  • Send an email to with the desired updates. Please include the source of your information in your email.