How do I deny review requests?

On your public Trust Center, visitors will see a Make a Request button in the top navigation. Once an individual provides their company name, email, a message, and selects the resources they need access to, they can submit a request to your Trust Center Admins.

By denying a request you will not provide access to those resources they requested and you will not begin a review. 

To deny a review request:

  1. Login to your Trust Center
  2. Go to the Reviews section
  3. Locate a Review with the status Requested
  4. Click Deny Request
  5. (Optional) add a message to be included in the email that is sent to the person who made the request or choose to not send a message by unchecking the box
  6. Click Deny Request again

If you receive Review requests in your email, Slack, or CRM, you can click on the provided link to be taken directly to the Review to deny.

All denied review requests will be kept at the bottom of your review page should you need to view them again in the future.