Complete AI-assisted reviews

With AI-assisted reviews, Trustpage can assist in answering your customer questionnaires and provide a confidence level based on its results.

💡 We do this by deeply understanding your company's natural security language and posture as documented in your Trust Center and responses to past questionnaires. Over time, this helps make the process of reviews incrementally more efficient.


⚠️ Required: AI-Assisted Reviews require the use of Private Resource Sharing - a Starter feature. As such, your company must be on our Starter Plan to be eligible for alpha testing. Upgrade directly within your Trust Center Billing, or email

⚠️ Required: Must have uploaded at least one past completed questionnaire into your Trust Center as a Private Resource.

⚠️ Highly Recommended: Ensure you've uploaded all Resources into your Trust Center. To do so, please upload any available policies, reports, documentation, and past questionnaires as Private Resources. The more you upload, the more complete and accurate our responses to future questionnaires will be.

Completing AI-Assisted Reviews*

  1. Upload your customers' questionnaire as a Private Resource. In the Edit Panel, you'll want to make sure to keep the resource in its default mode as private so it's not visible on your public Trust Center.
  2. Securely share the questionnaire with the Trustpage team by going to Manage Access > and entering in
  3. We'll put our AI to work and generate suggested answers for you, including a confidence level.
  4. After a quick review from our internal team of security experts, we'll share the questionnaire back with you. You'll receive an email, and the completed questionnaire will be ready for you in your Resources.
  5. You'll want to review the questionnaire, but once you're satisfied with your answers, it's ready to send back to your customers. By sharing the document as a resource through Trustpage, you'll know exactly when they access it. No more guesswork back and forth!

How do I alpha test AI-Assisted Reviews?

If you're ready to utilize AI-Assisted reviews, reach out to to join the waitlist.

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