How do I approve review requests?

On your public Trust Center, visitors will see a Make a Request button in the top navigation. Once an individual provides their company name, email, a message, and selects the resources they need access to, they can submit a request to your Trust Center Admins.

By accepting a request, you will also grant access to the Resources they requested. See instructions below if you would like to change which resources they have access to.

One-click NDAs (if configured) will be required by default, unless a bypass is implemented.

To approve a review request:

  1. Login to your Trust Center
  2. Go to the Reviews section
  3. Locate a Review with the status Requested
  4. Click Accept Request

If you receive Review requests in your email, Slack, or CRM, you can click on the provided link to be taken directly to the Review to approve.

To change or remove Resources available in a Review:

Once a Review is started either by the Admin or Collaborator starting a review or a customer accepting an invite, you can change or remove the resources that are included. 

  1. Login to your Trust Center
  2. Go to the Reviews section
  3. Locate the Review you would like to edit and click Access Review or Continue Review
  4. Click Manage Access 
  5. Select the boxes of any resources you would like to add to the review or unselect to remove