How do I add to my Resources?

The Resources tab is where you and your team discuss, organize, and share assets such as policies and reports with customers and stakeholders. Resources help you automate the process of sharing information to defer or respond to formal security reviews.


The Trustpage AI continuously monitors for and adds new resources to your Trust Center. They're private by default and cannot be deleted. All resources are scanned by the Trustpage AI for content recommendations, updates, and alerts.

  1. To add a new resource click the Add Resources button on the Resources tab.
  2. Add resources by either entering a URL or uploading files. Resources can be articles, policies, questionnaires, or any other content relevant to trust.
    • You can add multiple resources at a time by clicking Add Another.
  3. When you're finished click the Add Resources button.
  4. Edit or delete a resource at any time using the ... menu next to each.


Make the most of resources by giving them descriptive titles, assigning categories, and setting visibility to public if appropriate. All resources are private by default.

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