Guide for Marketing Teams

All teams across an organization play a role in your security and trust efforts. Here are some ways that your sales team can help out even more by utilizing your Trust Center.

What is a Trust Center?

Your company’s Trust Center is a central hub of security and privacy information that can be used to help share your company’s trust, security, and privacy posture.

How Can I Use My Company’s Trust Center?

Marketing teams should use their company’s Trust Center in the following ways:

  • Add a link to the Trust Center from your company’s website to allow for website visitors to self serve the information they need (we recommend minimally adding a link in the header and footer menus)
  • Customize your company’s Trust Center to match your own branding with our easy to use customization tools (i.e., fonts, colors, logos, and graphics)
  • Share your company’s Trust Center link in security and privacy related communications
  • Create and share directory compare links to highlight security advantages over competitors in content
  • Use the Updates section of the Trust Center to share changes to trust, security, and privacy
  • You no longer have to update or own the content. You can leave that to the Trust Center admins
  • The Overview section and FAQs section of the Trust Center allows customers to self serve information they need, ultimately saving time for your customers and your internal teams by reducing requests

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